kid with her family on the beach in hawaii

Exceptional Hawaii Portrait Photography

Relaxed. Fun. Playful.


photos in Hawaii

creating and documenting beautiful memories in Hawaii for nearly two decades
senior boy hanging from a palm tree

Hey, I'm Michelle! I've been doing this portrait photography thing for a lot of years and here are a few things you should know about me...


I think everyone should get sandy and wet.


I like eyes that are squinty from laughing.


I think that hair blowing across your face can be awesome, and I love your smile even if for some reason you don't.


I live for color, give me all the colors of the sunrise, palm trees, every shade of the ocean, rainbows and sunset! We are here because we love Hawaii and Hawaii is a rainbow of color!


I am interested in love and laughter, hide and seek and toddler meltdowns followed by sweet, snotty snuggles, getting splashed too much by waves and covered in sand, and smiling until our cheeks hurt because we're having so much fun.


I am more interested in real than in perfect. Because actually, real is perfect; and if you think so too, then we should talk...


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